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Cake Show General Rules  

 General Rules

1.  Bring all entries into the convention center to the registration table Friday evening, July 21, 2017 or Saturday, July 22, 2017 before 9:30am.  Entries MAY NOT be removed prior to 3 pm on Sunday, July 23, 2017.

2.  Judging will begin promptly at 10 am on Saturday, July 22, 2017.  Any entries arriving after 9:30am on Saturday are not eligible for competition, however they may be displayed.

3.  Judges reserve the right to reclassify any entry or remove those they deem in poor taste.

4.  Real or dummy cakes may be used.  Anyone using a dummy cake must be able to reproduce it in real cake.

5.  Each entry must be solely the work of the entrant except Divisions 1, 2, and 3 where the cake may be baked by an adult.

6.  Each entrant may enter only one American division plus one Foreign Division and one Wedding Spectacular division.  You may enter as many categories as you wish in your division.  Any foreign cake must be entered in a foreign division except divisions 1, 2, and 3.  When you win two trophies in any division, either in the present show or future shows, you must move to the next higher division.

7.  Each person entered will be eligible for various prizes drawn for and given out at the awards ceremony.

8.  Judging will be done on the point system as follows:

Degree of Difficulty   0-10 points

Artistic Achievement 0-10 points

Work involved 0 -10 points

Originality        0-10 points 

Special Features 0-4 points

9.  At the judge's discretion, additional points may be awarded for outstanding displays of confectionery workmanship.  The point system is being used to judge each piece on its own merits rather than judging one against another.  The system is considered to be the fairest for each entrant.  A low number of entries does not guarantee a first, second, or third place.  An entry must have earned a blue ribbon to be eligible to win a trophy in that division.  Ribbons will be awarded according to the following point scale:

a.  Blue ribbon 36-44 points

b.  Red ribbon 32-35 points

c.  White ribbon 28-31 points

10.  Awards: Blue, Red, and White ribbons for each category for qualifying entries.  One trophy for Best of each division.  An entry must receive a blue ribbon to qualify for a trophy.

Two trophies for Best of Show (determined by the Judges)

One for Wee Folk - Intermediate Divisions

One for Advanced - Professional Divisions

One trophy for Decorators' Choice

Two Ribbons for People's choice

One for Wee Folk - Intermediate Divisions

One for Advanced - Professional Divisions

11.  A form provided upon registration must be placed with each entry describing the work that has been done.  Use of table dressing (fabric and mirrors only)  is encouraged in order to make a better presentation.  No other items may accompany your show piece.  No silk flowers or commercially made confectionery items will be allowed except for gingerbread houses and wedding cake toppers.  Plastic items should be kept to a minimum.   Business cards may be placed next to your items ONLY after ALL judging is completed.

 12.  All wedding and anniversary cakes in the American and foreign divisions cannot have stairs, fountains or lights.  These items may be used in the Wedding Spectacular division only.  The Wedding Spectacular Division is open to all ages and skill levels.

13. Electricity is available on a first come, first serve basis and must be specified on your entry form.  You must furnish your own extension cord.

14. Sponsors of this show will not be hold responsible for any theft or damage, although all possible precautions will be taken.

15.  Any entry that has been previously entered in the Omaha show is ineligible.

16.  Explanation of Show Theme:  The theme for this year's show is "Reading Adventures".  The show may be of any confectionery medium or method you wish, cake or non-cake.  Refer to the medium and method classifications.

17. No cold porcelain entries are allowed.  Show pieces need to be constructed of the media listed on these pages.

18.  We have recently added a new category to our show.  We hope you will find it exciting and challenging.  This category is call our "Challenge" Category and has a few extra special rules.  This category is open to all divisions.  The judges will award points based on our general rules, plus you must included ALL 15 items from our challenge list.  Be creative.  We will be awarding a first, second, and third place prize in this category.  First place will receive $50, second will receive $25, and third will receive $10.  Decisions of the judges are final.


Our challenge items for 2017 are:

1)  Window

2)  Book

3)  Shoelaces

4)  Rug

5)  Bottle

6)  Wine

7)  Wine Goblet

8)  Orange

9)  Lighthouse

10)  Star

11)  Apple

12)  Plant Pot

13)  Elephant

14)  Police woman

15)  Cross


Please request a special sheet that must accompany your entry.  We need you to describe how you have used each item in your piece so that the judges can judge each piece fairly.  Enjoy and have fun.

20.  The 2017 Show theme is "Reading Adventures".  We will also be offering prize money for our show theme category this year.  One $50 prize will be offered for Advance- Professional divisions, one $50 prize for Beginner - intermediate divisions and one $25 for wee folk - juniors.  You must have a blue ribbon to be eligible for this prize.  Winners will be determined by the judges and all decisions are final.  The prize money is being sponsored by River City Confectioners Association.

Divisions and Classifications

Wee Folk (Ages 7 and under)- Any child who has decorated and completed a cake entirely by him/herself.

Children (Ages 8- 12)  Any child who has decorated and completed a cake entirely by him/herself.

Junior ( Age 13 -18)   Anyone who has decorated and completed a cake entirely by him/herself.

Beginner ( Age 19 and Over)  Anyone with less than 2 years decorating experience.

Intermediate ( American method only) Anyone with 2 years or more of decorating experience who does not qualify for the advanced division.

Advanced (American method only)  Any adult who has taught cake decoration or has decorated 3 years or more and has won 2 "Best of Divisions"  in the Intermediate division.

Professional (American method only)  Any adult who has attended one or more professional cake decorating schools or teaches classes above basic decorating or has had 40 or more hours of cake decorating instruction or has won 2 "Best of Division" trophies in the advanced division.

Wedding spectacular Two separate divisions.  (Young Persons - Intermediate or Advanced- professional) Open to all.  Choose the division appropriate to you.  Use your imagination.


Beginner (Foreign method only) Anyone who does not qualify for foreign intermediate.

Intermediate (Foreign method only)  Anyone who has won 2 "Best of Division" trophies in the beginner foreign division.

Advanced (Foreign method only)  Anyone who has won 2 "Best of Division" trophies in the intermediate foreign division.

Professional ( Foreign method only) anyone who has taught foreign techniques or who has won 2 "Best of Division" trophies in the advanced division.

 Methods and Mediums Classifications

 American Method
 American Methods Foreign Mediums
 Foreign Methods
 Butter CreamAirbrushing
Royal Icing
Lace Points
 Rolled Butter Cream
 SculptingGum paste
Bass Relief
Royal Icing
Figure Piping
 Candy Clay
Color Flow
Pulled Sugar
 Wafer paper
Blown Sugar


Cookie Dough                    

Piping Flower  (Royal & Butter Cream icing) 

 Rolled Fondant (must use foreign method) 

 Over piping/Lambert


 Tempered Chocolate
Spatula Painting
Candy Coat
Drop String
Poured Fondant Filigree
Piping Gel
Gumpaste-For Plaques
  Run-Out Free
Poured Fondant
  Garret - Frills 
 Rolled Fondant
  Standing Collars
    Pipe Embroidery
    Coca Painting
    Painting (Food Coloring)
    Building and Furniture
    Brush Embroidery


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